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As hybrid working becomes the norm, it's unlikely traditional face-to-face business coaching with resume.

In our latest white paper, Ezra explores how digital coaching is leading the way to bridge the distance between people and the demand for innovation and adaptability in the workplace.
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What is Ezra?

And why have we redesigned coaching for the digital age?

Coaching is the most impactful way to develop your leaders but in the past was only available to those at the very top of the organisation. Now, with Ezra, you can give more than just leaders access to world-class professional coaching customised to your specific development goals

Our industry leading adoption and engagement rates mean 90% of users have their first coaching session within 10 days of accessing the app, and then go on to average 2.5 coaching sessions per month. So you can be sure your Learning and Development program is making a difference.

Designed for everyone. Built for businesses. Powered by LHH.

For 50 years, Lee Hecht Harrison (or LHH) have coached 1000's of people from all over the world.

 We’ve made teams happier, seen big business results and won awards. We know better than anyone what an impact coaching can have on people and businesses. 

So we set ourselves a challenge to share this superpower...

We wanted to roll out coaching to as many people as possible in as many organizations as possible. 

...and that's why we built Ezra!

No long commutes to beige meeting rooms; no back-and-forth emails trying to book a slot. With Ezra, everything happens in the app. You can match with a coach, find a time to talk, chat with your coach and go again – all in one place.

How it works

Identify the development goals you want to tackle with coaching

We build a custom coaching bench with the experience to really address those needs

Select your participants

Be it high-potentials, new leaders, returners, we have programs to help, and if not, we'll build one with you

Launch the program with your participants

We provide a simple download and login link for your people

Your people select their goals and pick a coach

Our app lets users select what they want to focus on, pick their coach, and select a time that works for them

Get coached!

Every session takes place through our dedicated mobile and desktop apps that fully complies with your companies security requirements
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